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BBC Sherlock || The Empty Hearse

BBC Sherlock || The Empty Hearse

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Two sailors ca. 1940-1945. An image featured in the “Love and War” exhibit at the Kinsey Institute Gallery. More info on the exhibit can be found here.

The photo is usually seen cropped from the waist up, as it was in the 1980s when the activist organization ACT-UP used in it on a T-shirt in their Read My Lips campaign. But the print hanging in the Kinsey gallery is the original version. Below decks, the sailors’ flies are open, and they are, so to speak, crossing swords.”

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This is important.

This is important.

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update: i have inherited the average brown girl’s obsession with kajal


In the commentary for ASiB, Benedict says the following about the scene with the naked Irene Adler:

"I do love that the moment, the only moment that he verbally stumbles- and I sort of did it deliberately, was because I sensed a bit of competition in Watson starting to turn on the charm, and in desperately trying to get in there to impress I went ‘neagnaweknga’”

Which confirms what many of us suspected: Sherlock is frazzled not because brainy is the new sexy, but because Irene and John are flirting. I’ll leave you to your deductions.

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Hermione Granger in Philosopher’s Stone
↳ Books! And cleverness! There are more important things — friendship and bravery.

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He called me a Mudblood.

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Some famous bisexual people. [x]

Click on the pictures for their names and claim to fame

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As it turns out, you’re needed. 

Oh, for God’s fake, make up your mind! Who needs me this time?


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Kristina Elise by Irina Garaiacu

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